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Are you too busy to spend any more time qualifying leads from meeting platforms like Eventbrite and Zoom? Do you want a simple and automated way to eliminate that dead time between initial contact and a converted lead?

For a single payment of £50 get early access to our platform and free updates forever! Licenses are limited, secure yours today.

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’re here to help!

Is it really free updates forever?

Yes! 12 months access guarantees you receive all future updates.

Can Attendist help me improve my leads?

Attendist helps you grow sales by automating data capture from events.

Attendist cannot improve the quality of leads but it can help maximise the lifetime value of qualified leads generated from your online events.

You're 100 times more likely to connect with a lead if you follow up with them in less than five minutes. Less than 5% of companies call a lead within 24 hours though.

If you're putting on online events to generate leads, Attendist makes it easy to quickly connect with those warm prospects that attended and nurture the relationship, increasing their lifetime value.

Can Attendist increase my sales?

Yes! Rapid follow-up with leads can increase conversion rates by a factor of 4.

By identifying the warm prospects that attended soon after an online meeting ends, and following up with them using actionable insights from LinkedIn that make them more likely to accept your offer, you increase the likelihood of converting them. You also stop warm leads going cold.

With Attendist, these two factors combine to ensure that your conversion rate goes up and with that comes more sales.

What does Attendist give me?

Your time back! Save valuable time by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. Focus instead on building trusted relationships that bring in more revenue.

How does Attendist benefit me?

Attendist lets you automate your lead generation and lead qualification processes after your online meetings and events, and helps you add that all-important human touch to your interaction with warm prospects, or pre-customers.

Go from spending hours searching social for details on decision makers, to receiving an event report with a list of warm leads, plus social insights from LinkedIn, minutes after the meeting ends.

What exactly is Attendist?

Attendist is an easy-to-use platform for identifying warm prospects at online meetings.

Does Attendist cut down my costs?

Yes! Attendist saves you time and money and cuts the cost of acquiring new customers.

How does Attendist work?

Attendist syncs with your Eventbrite and Zoom accounts and gives you a list of qualified prospects from attendees at your online event, within minutes of it ending. And it’s all automated!

Which CRM platforms does Attendist support?

Attendist supports HubSpot out of the box. Other CRM platforms will be supported in the future.

How do I access my data?

Data from your event is available for export as an Excel-compatible .csv file. You can also import it directly into your HubSpot account.

Is Attendist secure?

We know how important this is, so yes. From providing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to storing your data securely in the cloud, we are committed to keeping you safe.

Does Attendist use AI?

Indeed we do. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do all that personalisation but it's down to you to use the human touch to make that connection. Our machine learning and large language models work behind the scenes to give you all that you need to to add a uniquely personal human touch to your follow up.