Turn online meetings into leads that convert

Attendist lets you make a personalised offer to each warm prospect that attended after your meeting ends, meaning you close leads faster and make more sales.

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Maximise the lifetime value of qualified leads from your events.

You have a compelling offer and your attendees agree. Attendist makes it easy to quickly connect with those warm leads and nurture the relationship, increasing their lifetime value. Grow sales by automating data capture from events.


You’re 100 times more likely to connect with a lead if you follow up with them in less than five minutes. Less than 5% of companies call a lead within 24 hours. [source]


Rapid follow-up with leads can increase conversion rates by a factor of 4.


Automate the tedious

You want to follow up quickly with warm prospects from your online events but it's hard work identifying warm leads from Excel spreadsheets. Far too complex, time-consuming, and prone to error.

Let Attendist handle it!

Focus instead on starting conversations with warm qualified leads and growing your bottom line.

What makes us special

The fastest way from event to CRM. Period.

Attendist delivers a list of warm qualified leads, plus social insights from LinkedIn*, minutes after your online event ends. And it's fully automated!

It's AI that adds a human touch.

Let us help you love your pre-customer, that person in your online meeting that wants to buy but needs that human connection soon after to convert.

Waste no more time wrangling with spreadsheets. Use Attendist to grow revenue by identifying and extracting warm leads and closing them faster.

*In line with privacy regulations and GDPR requirements, attendees must have formally consented to being contacted.

We are upfront

Here's what's on offer with Attendist.

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Convert warm leads quicker

The quicker you start those conversations, the quicker the sale. Attendist provides all the data you need to build trust with warm leads after your online event ends.

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Take the guesswork out

No need to waste time scouring LinkedIn. Attendist gives you a list of qualified prospects from the attendees at your online event, plus actionable social insights from LinkedIn.

Want early access to this new platform?

We're currently building Attendist but you can get coveted early access by taking advantage of our exclusive 12 Month Access licence.

Our Philosophy

At Attendist, we are building a platform to solve a problem we've had. After an online event ends, we want an easy way to make sense of who our new prospects are from data gathered by tools we love and use. We want a tool that saves us time, is secure, integrates with our customer relationship management (CRM) system, looks good and is fun to use. From speaking to countless others working in professional services, we know we're not alone. It's been a phenomenal journey getting this far and we can't wait to share it with you. Join us for the ride!

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Chi-chi Ekweozor

Founder & CEO

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Natalie Asprey

Head of Marketing and Client Campaigns