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Name Company Title LinkedIn Profile
Seehab Ahmed 🚲
Cultivating Culture in Recruitment through Tech 🚀
Tandem Recruit 🚲 Founder
👩‍⚕️ Emma-Louise Fusari RGN
Innovator of the Year | Enabling digital tech SMEs
In-House Health Limited Founder & CEO
Maverick Fraser
Fluency Fiesta Founder & CEO
David Levine
Principal at Manchester Angels | CEO at Glenluna
Manchester Angels Principal
Holly Donohue
Fractional CPO | Product coach | speaker - I help you
Product Rebel Fractional CPO & Consultant
Surayyah Ahmad Sani
Included VC- 23 |Exit Founder| Investing in Underserved
Capital Enterprise Start-up Mentor
Jay Verma
President of General Practice and Primary Healthcare Secti
Royal Society of Medicine President